Sakura Matsuri 2017

A small photo dump from the Japanese Street Festival in DC. Due to another event we were attending in the evening, my friends and I were unable to stay at the festival as long as we intended. We did manage to arrive at the festival just as it was starting, so food lines were nice and short! The weather was a little chilly, despite the beaming sun so starting the day with a bowl of pipping hot Japanese curry was absolutely perfect!

Although our stay was short, we managed to play several games, write our names in kanji, get mistaken for high schoolers (lol!), and even catch a few performances live (mainly Kuropop!). The main highlight was definitely trying on a yukata! It was not only comfortable (even though the lady tied my obi REALLY tight) but also stunningly pretty! I need to make sure I grab one while on vacation.


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