BTS Wings Tour Episode III – New Jersey

March 24, 2017.

BTS blew me away with a line up of powerful performances! The concert kicked off with Not Today and I swear I lost my voice within the first minute of the concert.

Everyone’s solo was put together so well. I did not watch any of their previous concerts because I wanted everything to be a surprise. The choreography for Jungkook’s solo was truly magnificent. He and the dancers hit every beat in that song. EVERY BEAT. God Bless that choreographer, God bless those back up dancers, and God Bless Jungkook. I swear I screeched like a bird when Jimin was lifted during his performance and a chandelier started to descend from the ceiling. Like who comes up with these ideas??? I could have cried during Jin’s Awake. Like this boy is too sweet for this world. He deserves so much. I managed to record his performance, a bit of V’s (with me screaming “ARE YOU CALLING ME A SINNER??”), Suga’s powerful rap, and Rap Mon’s solo. I don’t like to pick favorites….but Namjoon’s purple hair has me questioning so much… THAT ASIDE — personally, I think JHope took the show. His delivery of Mama had me so shook. That boy can sing, he can dance, he can put on a show. I needed a fan and a sip of water after his set.

Aside from the hits on the Wings album, they also sung, Baepsae, Run, Dope, Boy in Luv — I’m dead serious when I say it was bop after bop. I barely had time to catch my breath so I can only imagine how the boys felt! I know they are kicking off this US tour, but I really hope they are eating and sleeping well.

I did not take much video during the concert but I was able to capture the “Rainbow Army” project. So well planned and executed; was captivated. I’m sure BTS was as well.

When the concert was coming to a close, Rap Mon gave us some parting words. He spoke about how music can transcend language and bring people together. Thus, he taught us the korean word, hamkke — because we will always be together.

Thank you Rap Mon for those words.
Thank you BTS.

Full playlist can be found on my Youtube channel.
note: I did not capture the entire concert


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