Katsucon 2016 Wrap-up

A post in regards to my Katsucon adventure is WELL overdue. A little over a month late, but better late than never as they say!

The full album of pictures can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153450616823660.1073741841.555488659&type=1&l=531379dd4b


Yes, there was an actual fire.

Day 0.
I arrived Thursday night for an early check-in and badge pick up. It was a pretty chill day. Grabbed dinner at Elevation Burger for some fat goodness then proceeded to badge pick-up. I think it took about an hour and a half to get through the line.

Day 1.
I had 3 outfit changes this day haha

I started off in my psuedo- Killua cosplay. With my hair in twists, I didn’t bother getting a wig but my whole outfit was on point. I’m so happy with the outcome of the backpack. I do wish I used a heavier interfacing to give it a more stiff look but I did a good job with what I had!


The depressing thing, I only wore the bag for 3 hours. I had to change into my Doom Dara cosplay for all the Kpop panels I was planning to attend the same day.

Hands down my favorite panel was “Kpop Lip Sync Battle Royal,” hosted by Last Minute Kpop. Unfortunately my friends and I didn’t take any videos because we were too busy living in the moment haha. Though my favorite moment was when a Sora cosplayer crushed “Dope.” But yet again, I could be bias as I am a HUGE Kingdom Hearts fan. I somehow threw myself in the battle royal – I couldn’t say no to 2NE1’s IATB – and ended up wining the whole thing! Talk about luck haha And my winnings were super neat!! I thought I was just going to get a wrist band or something lame, but they were passing out full fledged albums!!!


Prizes from the Kpop Lip Sync Battle Royal. Individual Round: Got7 3rd Mini Album”Just Right.” Final Round: 2 Kpop Cards Again Humanity Expansion pack & Autographed Boyfriend 4th Mini Album Special Package

Day 2.
I was in my Canary cosplay ALL DAY. Experienced that horrible fire evacuation and attended a Hunter x Hunter photo shoot. Picture from Nagashin Cosplay/Photography.


The night ended with dancing until my feet were horribly sore and not wanting to wake up on Sunday.

Day 3.
CHECK OUT AND FINAL VENDOR HAUL (where I only bought a BTS sweatshirt).


Overall, I’d give the whole experience a 8/10. I was pretty bummed about the dealers room. I felt as if there should have been more variety in merchandise. Everything was super main stream – but hey, it sells. It was literally Naruto and One Piece everywhere you turned. I found only ONE Hunter x Hunter figurine. It was muscular Biskey and the seller said that was the only HxH merch he had! I felt so hurt. But that’s not all. Don’t get me started on the maid cafe. I’ve been to one before at a previous Katsucon and really enjoyed it so I wanted to go again. But this year, the food was completely horrible. I give props to the maid because, although she wasn’t as energetic as the other maids, she really got the conversation going at a table filled with 3 different parties. My rice omelette was so bland and dry, that I almost shed real tears at the table. I was too hungry to be playing around with this crap. I’m not saying avoid the cafes, but if you chose to attend just stick to the sweets. They seem to be the most promising.


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