When the con is 2 weeks away…

Glancing at my new Pusheen calendar, I noticed February starts next week. And if February starts next week, Katsucon is pretty much 2 weeks away.

I am shedding tears, these are tears of joy I promise. (⊙﹏⊙✿)


Since I was snowed in over the weekend I started to feel a little crafty. I sketched out different views of the bag to try and figure out a plan. Though at the end of the day, I still managed to cut WAY more fabric than I needed. In fact, the base you see here (right picture) was actually made from a mistake – but we don’t have to tell anyone that haha. I used heavy interfacing to make the bag seem stiff and give it its’ shape. I’m not that familiar with interfacing but I do wish the fabric was a little more firm. All there’s left is sewing on the straps and gluing on the yellow/gold trim. On a final note, I noticed there’s a gray piece – I guess the “keeping the bag shut contraption” LOL. I’m going to look into attaching a magnet to get the same effect.


As for Canary, I cheated a little. I purchased a twin tailed jacket from Hot Topic. I did a little praise dance when I noticed the item in stock. It was everything I wanted. I was hesitant about that $60 price tag but I had $30 in hot cash so it was right in my price range $$$$$. With or without the hot cash I was going to buy this item because the good Lord knows I was NOT going to sew this. The sizes run small, JUST A LITTLE!! A TEENSY BIT. It’s almost true to size but not quite. I purchased a small because the XS was so tight I could barely breath, and the medium was too lose. I’m normally a small but this small is a little snug. I’m only putting a long sleeve white button down underneath it so I don’t look too lumpy in it. Though, I overlooked Canary’s black necktie and blue brooch…. But on the bright side, my pants cost $7  from H&M and I didn’t have to purchase new shoes. The pants get extremely linty so I need to remember to pack a lint roller.


The scepter is coming along wonderfully. The excess paper-mache has been sanded off and I added my first layer of paint to the top. It’s still a little lumpy at parts but not too noticeable from a distance. The paint dries quickly. I used Apple Barrel multi-surface satin acrylic paint which can be found at any Walmart. (I know the link says matte but I couldn’t find satin on the website) I really wanted the King’s Gold color but that was completely out of stock. Sunbeam was my second choice and I went with that. It’s actually darker in person. The lighting in my room does not do it justice.


My Doom Dara cosplay needs to hit the dry cleaner. I hope they can give life to this almost washed up cosplay. I haven’t even looked a the microphone yet. It was in decent condition when I put it away but ya never know what happened during transport. Good thing my mom also send me the repair supplies too!  (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Thanks Mom!


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