Katsucon 2016.

When I missed Katsucon 2015, I vowed that I would attend the next one. So here I am. Planning to attend. I got a credit card last year, for the sole reason of booking a room at the Gaylord. Talk about some dedication. I’m bringing my kid brother this time around and I am beyond excited.

Time wise, there’s a little over a month left to prepare. I need to utilize all these days. I have a casual line up prepared but I am quite inept when it comes to making props and using my sewing machine. I don’t even remember how to thread the sewing machine so it’s going to be a nightmare when I find and unpack that darn thing.

The line up. 

Doom Dara
Killua from Hunter x Hunter
Canary from Hunter x Hunter


Killua’s backpack is going to make me shed real tears. I needed some confidence so I started with Canary’s scepter and ordered PVC pipe from Lowe’s. I politely asked the man to cut the 10 foot pipe into 30″ pieces. Lord knows I was not going to cut that at home. The only thing sharp I own are scissors. I only need one 30″ pipe, the others are for if I horribly mess up. I cut some poster board into a cone and taped it to the base of the pipe. This is for the pointy part. I don’t have the skills to make the scepter decrease in diameter towards the base so this will suffice. I kind of did something like that with the giant microphone…but I don’t even remember now. I can never duplicate anything. I need more practice.

Anywho, a 3″ foam ball should top this look off. I’m excited for the paper mache part.


As shown in the faint red box, I taped cone shapedposter board at the base to add the necessary point.


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