Obligatory 2016 Post.

It seems I’ve fallen off the map. I’m embarrassed that my last post was in June! With the time that has passed, a lot has happened. Work sucked me into the cycle of: sleep, work, prepare for work, and repeat. It’s horrible. I’ve done little to break that cycle. It’s not only work…I’ve also started dating again. HA. It’s been quite a while since I’ve thought of another person’s needs (aside from family and friends). It’s time consuming but not completely the hassle I make it out to be.

2015 has been a wonderful year for me. It was a true “Started from the bottom, now I’m here” moment. I went from job hoping, being unemployed, to balancing working retail and being a substitute teacher to a full time engineer. Praise. The. Lord. This career is everything I wanted and needed as a young adult. It’s helping me grow and develop better interpersonal skills. I am horribly shy around new people and this position is really helping with that. I’ve even purchased a car in late October. Bless. I’ve been nagging about not having my own set of wheels. I kept depending on others and wishing a car would just fall into my lap. To make what I wanted reality, I went out and got a vehicle myself. Sure, there’s a lot more payments that I used to have monthly, but I’ve never been happier.

As for resolutions. When I asked my boyfriend about his resolutions he replied with, “I don’t make (new year) resolutions. I strive to be my best everyday.” I got a good laugh from that, and even called him lame but it’s true. I should really push myself everyday to do what I want and to grow as an individual, instead of waiting for the new year to begin. I’m going to break the cycle I’ve sucked myself into and pick back up my hobbies. I’m not saying I’m going on a self rediscovery, or I’ll post daily on my blogs or even learn a new dance every week – that would be fun – I want just want to find that balance where I can be me and still a young professional.


Happy New Year.


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