As the saying goes,

Life is one BIG transition.

Whether it’s moving into a new area, getting a new addition to the family (don’t worry I’m not pregnant), or going off to school – life is really one big transition.

I suppose that’s what makes life worth living. Recently I made the big move from the “nest,” my mother’s home to northern Virginia. Granted that I’ve been in the Hampton Roads area for the majority of my life, I was elated to move on and move out! But the thought of leaving behind friends and family was quite taxing. It’s nothing like going away for college because after you graduate (and don’t immediately start working) you’re bound to come back home. It’s not the same with working full time. I don’t even know what free time is anymore haha hence the utterly neglected blog. ; A ;

If it’s not obvious all ready – I finally got that engineering job. The one I faintly saw at the horizon as I endured teaching little devils as a substitute teacher and don’t even get me started on retail! Since late April, I’ve been working happily and diligently as a System Planning Engineer in the northern Virginia area! Now what do you do? That’s the question I’ve been attempting to answer every time I go home haha. The simple and sweet answer would be, I help in the process of supplying gas to the Fairfax County (everyone in my group has their own county) and future developments.

My friends have been nagging (mainly Trisha) that I keep up my blog and post about my experiences as an engineer. Engineering/science is far from the creative feel I wanted to depict on my blog but hey – it’s a part of who I am, so I’ll embrace it.


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