February is way too short.

I know it’s weeks late but can we talk about Valentine’s Day? Haha

The month of February has swept Virginia away with tons and tons of love snow. I would say that we got roughly 8 inches but it’s been snowing just about every week I have no idea how much has accumulated. I enjoy snow but I didn’t quite enjoy this snow because it all turned into ice over night. Now talk about a painful snowball fight. When walking to the bus stop I nearly slipped. It’s funny when I think about because in reality I was running. Running after my mom told me, “Ariel don’t run outside, there’s ice everywhere.” Silly me.


Aside from all the snow, my Valentine’s Day was quite pleasant. I didn’t have a Valentine this year (if you know what I mean ::wink wink::) but if it counts my family was my Valentine! My mom gave me the most adorable handmade valentine. She quietly tipped into my room as I was slung out on my bed dreaming of brownies.  I absolutely love it! It makes me want to send all handmade valentines next year.

I gave my youngest brother the following card. He gave a little chuckle. I KNOW HE LOVES IT. He tries so hard to hide his Kingdom Hearts nerdness.


I’m working on different fonts! Can you tell? heehee

Though, I find it frustrating when single people are quite bitter or indifferent towards this day. I had a conversation with my friend a few days after this holiday of love. She was feeling a little down and it kind of went a little like this:

Friend: I’ve been feeling a little down. I think it’s because of Valentine’s Day or something?

Me: K K K why? It’s just chocolate day.

Friend: It’s also singles awareness day, and I was surrounded by couples acting lovey dovey

Me: Couples are like that every day. There’s more to Valentine’s day than just couple love. Like there’s friend love, family love, etc. You don’t have to feel like you’re worth nothing just because you see some couple spending a crap ton of money to show their affection. Real love doesn’t require that.

Friend: Yeah…you’re right. And I think I understand.

In the end the conversation got a whole lot brighter. Which I’m happy about! But basically, singles shouldn’t feel down on Valentine’s day just because someone isn’t pampering you with chocolate kisses. (See what I did there ;D) We live and we learn.




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