Guilty pleasure?

Aside from the crafts here and there, I like to indulge in fanfictions. It really is my guilty pleasure. The fanfiction writing began in my weaboo days back in middle school. I cringe as I think back to those horrible writings. Not saying what I write now is fantastic but it’s much better than that:

“And then this happened. And then he looked up into her eyes and they kissed. After that he said I love you. And then…”

Oh dear. It was so awful. Either it was the “and then” format or straight dialogue with NO character development AT ALL. OH GOSH. But have no fear I have set fire to the most terrible ones. I still hold on to a few of my first fanfictions as a reminder to never suck – and honestly a few have potential. Throw in a plot twist and a not useless main character and we might actually have something. I think my writing slightly improved in high school when I started taking those IB English classes. The coursework included a lot of writing drills and readings so I guess all the practice rubbed off on me.

Of my oldest fanfictions, there are only 2 that I remember off the top of my head: DNAngel where I created the character Tsukara who was not only useless but also helplessly in love with Satoshi, and Jak and Daxter. I don’t remember the name of the character I created but she was whack. Haha All the dialogue and scenes came straight from the third game – so terrible. Word from word dialogue. I been to question if I had a life back then… With a few several tweaks I think I can rebirth both fanfictions.

I post the fanfictions that I’m kind of proud of on my account:

I started posting in 2010 and have only 7 fanfictions! I’m glad I never posted the others. I would cry if anyone read them.

Stupid Brat, Delusional, and Don’t Keep Me Waiting are Attack on Titan x Readers (Reader inserts where the reader is the character) that I started this year. I was derping around on deviantart one day and found a bunch of x readers. Although reader inserts were rather new to me I thought I’d give it a shot (This actually saves me time from making up my own character because coming up with names are a pain!). Don’t Keep Me Waiting is pure FLUFF. I cringe reading it a bit because it’s so cheesy but it’s rather cute especially for this fans who love Armin keke. The will be NO part 2 for Delusional haha I have had many requests to continue but I’m not sure what I would do with a love triangle. Maybe I’ll have a change of heart after I do some light novels. Stupid Brat is slowly growing on me. It’s multi part Levi x Reader love story. Bah it’s so cute. Hipster, poem writing Levi and derpy reader-chan. Way too cute. I’m really excited for the second chapter.

Although Call Me Lawliet and Silly Girl were posted this year, I actually wrote them back in high school. As I was scrambling through (and throwing out) old fanfictions I stumbled across some Death Note fanfictions. Initially, they included a character I created but I removed her to increase the number of views I changed it to an x reader (I’m terrible I know) so fangirls can get in their feels. Both fanfictions are strictly one -shots. I like to establish the foundation and allow the reader to imagine what would happen next.

Bound By A Force Called Gravity and Divine Beauty are truly my oldest fanfictions. Bound By A Force Called Gravity is a sap Mary Sue waiting to happen. I wrote it early high school when I was in my Prince of Tennis feels. Funny thing about this fanfic, I submitted to a writing contest for extra credit since I have a border line B/C in English. I got an honorable mention. I slightly cried from the embarrassment that some cheesy crack fanfiction almost won an actual award. Divine Beauty (I almost hate to say it) is my all time favorite. In fact it is still in progress. There are currently 8 posted chapters but I plan to only have 10 chapters in total. SO the end is approaching! I started this fanfic in high school and decided to finish it. I just couldn’t leave my Hiei x OC hanging like that. I love Hiei way too much.

Well if you have the time, I’d say give a few of my fanfictions a read. I am always open to criticism!


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