1920’s Inspired Flapper Costume

Aside from working on the cosplays I want to debut at Nekcon 17, I’ve been considering another costume in case I get invited to a Halloween party this month. I want something cute, yet classy and age appropriate. I’ve given up on buying costumes as they tend to be very cheap in material and skimpy! I’m tight on money (since Nekocon is around the corner) so I wanted something simple and easy to make. After fumbling through my closet I came across this dress I bought several years ago from a thrift store. Looks like I made the final decision! 1920’s flapper!

I do wish my dress had more shimmies (is that what’s it called?) but I’m quite sure I can make this work by adding accessories. My budget is $10. YES, 10 whole bucks. I already have the dress, beads, stockings, and the heels so now it’s down to making the headband, getting a boa, and possibly a cigarette holder.

DIY: 1920’s Flapper Sequence Headband


What I used:

  • Sequence fabric (Walmart, $1.98/yard)
  • Woven 3/4” non-roll elastic (Walmart, $0.99/yard)
  • Black thread
  • Scissors

Assembling this was pretty straight forward. After measuring the diameter of my head I got about 20” of sequence fabric. It’s stretchy so that will most likely be too much. I used the woven elastic to make the sequence firm since the fabric was really flimsy. You can really do without this because the sequence is stretchy. The three-quarter elastic was thicker than the sequence so I had to trim it down. I would aim for something thinner than ¾ for future reference. Initially I just glued the fabric onto the elastic but I went back and sewed it on so I wouldn’t risk the glue not holding up day of. Depending on how all the accessories work out I might add in a feather later.

DIY: Cigarette Holder

What I used:

I shopped around before deciding to make the cigarette holder. Party City had a few for $4.99 but that’s half my budget so I bought a roll of black ribbon as shown in the tutorial.


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