Doom Dara Cosplay 45%

I’ve been working diligently to tackle this costume. But the hardest challenge has yet to arrive! I haven’t touched the microphone! I still have about 2 whole months before Nekocon so time is not an issue.

The more I stare at the giant the more I find things wrong with it. Maybe I’m too much of a perfectionist for being a beginner? The body of the bow has a fan like shape to it and I want a more square-ish appeal. I have left over fabric so I’m going to try again within the next few days. (Possibly today). I used this tutorial to make the bows. I found it really easy to follow and pretty much straight forward.

Ignore my silly pink socks haha I should have worn my black boots but I was so excited to complete the bow. I need to buy velcro or perhaps sew on buttons so I can make the strap behind the bow fit around my neck.



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