Doom Dara 35% complete.

I dedicated my entire day to figure out how to understand what the dress pattern was telling me. It was 2 cuts too late when I realized this pattern made the dress with 4 pieces instead of just 2 so I have these awkward seams in the front and this really wear V cut. ;A; But after making the bow it should cover that up.

After ironing the dress didn’t look too bad and I was quite proud of my accomplishments. The white shirt in the picture was $15 from H&M Men’s department. I started the bow late, LATE one night and realized I had cut the fabric way too short. I immediately bought more fabric the next day, so I will be trying again within the next couple of days. Now I saw this cosplay is only 35% complete because I have yet to tackle the giant microphone! Ugh it’s going to be a challenge and paper-maching is so time consuming. I hope I don’t mess up!


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