So attending Otakon is completely out of the question for me. Perhaps next year when I’ll have more available funds and a comfortable room to stay in. One thing I will not sacrifice is having a comfortable place to sleep during a con. Some call me picky but who wants to pay $100 to sleep on a floor? Lol After my Katsucon experience I am really serious about cosplaying. Sure I was Minnie Mouse for a day but that was so meh to me. Haha Perhaps I should be proud of that because I worked really hard on the ears but it would be exciting to do an anime character or even a video game character. I hope to accomplish something like that for Nekocon.

Initially I was planning to cosplay Villetta Nu from Code Geass but I don’t have the enough money to make that happen just yet. I was able to find someone able to make her battle outfit however the wig and thigh high boots are still a mystery to me. High ponytail wigs seem a big challenging and intimidating since I’ve never really worked with wigs before. I’ve fond some great boot tutorials so I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult. Villetta Nu will require a lot more work to produce the product that I want so I will save her for next year. Speaking of future cosplays, I would also like to cosplay Fuu from Naruto next year. Her outfit doesn’t exactly cover a lot of skin so I’d rather debut that at a con with warmer weather.

For Nekocon, hopefully I will have Doom Dara (Sandara Park’s cosplay of TOP in Doom Dada), Ness from Super Smash Bros, and Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service. The greatest challenge so far appears to be Dara’s giant microphone. This will be the second large, behind the back prop that I make. After the struggles of making Naruto’s giant scroll I am aware of how tedious and time consuming this may get.

I have gathered lots of supplies for the 3 cosplays so I should be posting updates on how everything is coming along. I’m hoping that I will have these all done will in advance because I don’t want to rush anything for Nekocon! This would be my first con where I intend to cosplay everyday! Wish me luck!


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