Minnie Mouse Ears

For Katsucon XX I was Minnie Mouse on Saturday. (I even attended a Disney photoshoot…I wonder where those pictures are)

I didn’t have time to order ears so I found a tutorial and made them myself. They were fairly easy to make so I might even make more! The tutorial I used can be found here.

As shown in the slideshow, the materials are pretty basic. I’m not going to go in complete detail because the tutorial will most likely explain things better than me. I used two really thin headbands but I combined with hot glue to make a headband that was about 1/2 in. I covered that in felt and that’s step 1. These ears can really be made in 3 steps.
Step 1. Felt the headband
Step 2. Make the ears.
Step 3. Attach the ears.
BAM. That’s it haha. For the ears you need 4 circles of foam (two in each ear). The foam circles need to be slightly smaller than the circles made of felt. All this is explained in the tutorial. They even give you a template for the ears. The last few pictures are how the ears turned out. I was super impressed! I couldn’t find ribbon the thickness I desired so I just glued thinner polka dotted ribbon on a thicker ribbon and folded it into a bow! So cute I can’t wait to make more ears!


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