Weeks late – what happens when classes start

I’ve been unable to update not only due to the rush of classes and school activities, but also because I was missing a few items to complete the scrapbook. I didn’t want to show an incomplete version of the scrapbook when I was so close to finishing – so I kept prolonging the blog update. I actually anticipated to post earlier this week but I ran out of letter stickers over the weekend!! I didn’t have a ride so I had to wait a few days – but today I can finally say that the Theta Tau Kappa Gamma scrapbook is complete. I will be taking pictures of each page and sharing them later this week if not later today. As I stated again this is my first scrapbook so it’s far from perfect. I know there are some questionable things about the design – but you gotta learn from your mistakes and I’m always open for some constructive criticism! So after 3 semesters (I think) and roughly $150 the scrapbook is finished. 🙂 I’m not sure if that’s too expensive, but I’m learning!

The completed version of the scrapbook can be found here.

As the “Scrapbooking Part 1” project comes to an end I would like to give you a little preview of my next project. Due to an inside joke, my roommate, and I are shelling out Naruto (me) and Sasuke (my roommate) cosplay for Halloween. This is our very first cosplay but we have the help of my friend Staci so we shouldn’t look too craptastic haha I don’t really have a budget for this but here’s how much I’ve spent so far:

Naruto Shippuden Jacket – $46 (includes shipping)

Fabric – $18.13 (saved $20.68 with coupons)

I’ll give more details regarding the fabric once I find the receipts! I am thinking of doing Naruto in Sage Mode so any insight on how to tackle the makeup or scroll would be great.


Mirror picture! I’m really happy with the jacket. I was scared that it was going to come late September but it actually came earlier than the expected date!


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